Volunteer with The Outreach Program of Brainerd Lakes and join their mission of feeding families in need.


If we told you that volunteering two hours of your time to package our meals could result in enough meals to feed a child for an entire year, would you believe it? No child, regardless of age; should be worried about where their next meal is coming from.

Our communities need us. Let’s end hunger, one meal at a time.

Gather a group of volunteers to pack meals for The Outreach Program of Brainerd Lakes. We can host groups as small as 8-10 people and as big as 50 people at our facility in Nisswa, MN. View our FAQ for more information and details about volunteering to pack meals.


    Volunteering as a family to pack meals is a fun way to spend time together while giving back to the community. You will create lasting memories and encourage important life lessons. So, gather your family, roll up your sleeves, and make a positive impact by packing meals for those in need.

    Work Team

    Are you looking for a unique team-building experience that not only strengthens the bonds among your coworkers but also makes a difference in ending hunger in central Minnesota? Volunteering to pack meals as a work team is a rewarding and purpose-driven activity. Together you could be part of something meaningful in your community today.

    Church Group

    As a volunteer, you will work side-by-side with your church family to pack meals. Your efforts will directly contribute to providing essential nourishment to those who need it most in our MN communities. You will help relieve their hunger, restore their dignity, and reveal hope.


    Get together with your friends and neighbors to pack nutritious meals for those in need. You will have fun as well as change the lives of those in neighboring communities for the better.

    Remote Packing Event

    We can bring the packing event to you. Contact us for details about a remote packing event at your location.

    Volunteer to Pack Meals

    “The clubs at Brainerd High School recognized there was an increased need for food in our community during Covid.

    We started going and packing one to two times a month to help meet the needs of our community. While doing so, the Outreach was also filling the needs of our students. Because our students were not attending school in an in person setting, they were missing those opportunities to communicate face to face with their peers. By having us at the Outreach, we got to see the light come back to our students. They were helping others, all while helping themselves too. As the need decreased for our students, we still maintain a monthly pack.

    Our kids have been doing this for four years now and the smiles it creates is something I look forward to each month. I am so thankful for this continued partnership between Brainerd High School and the Outreach Program.”


    – Alexis
    Volunteer at Events

    Fishing to End Hunger and Clays to End Hunger are just two examples of the many fundraising opportunities that support The Outreach Program of Brainerd Lakes.

    Food Delivery

    Volunteers are needed to drive the food packets to local food distribution organizations in central MN communities.

    Facebook Announcements

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    Our volunteers are exceedingly generous with their time as well as their donations.

    The cost to feed a family of six is only $1.80 per meal. What if we told you that giving just $30 per month could result in enough meals to feed a child for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day? Your generosity is the driving force behind the mission of feeding hungry families in need.

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